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General Code Consulting Services

Applying Our Code Expertise for Architects, Engineers and Municipal Governments

Photo Illustrating a Consultation in which a Plan Review is Explained to a DesignerWe meet with architects and engineers to assist in preparing construction documents consistent with the locally adopted code. After reviewing preliminary drawings with our staff, designers have a clear understanding of the code requirements.

With years of code experience and extensive construction backgrounds, our professional, certified staff provides answers daily to the most perplexing code questions. Our clients enjoy the convenience of free telephone consultation when a difficult code question arises.

As an added benefit, most of our technical staff have worked in municipal government so we understand the special needs of building departments when extra help is needed.

Some of the more specialized consulting services we offer include:


Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Code Consulting Services

If I have a problem with one discipline, will you consult on a single item related to a project?


Yes, if you are having difficulty with one discipline of a project, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. will consult on that specific item.

Will B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. do site visits to consult on special projects?

Answer:Yes, we complete site visits. We will travel to have face-to-face discussions on problems you are having.

Is there a charge for site visits?

Answer:We will bill you for our travel expenses and time from our door to yours.

Will you consult on special projects for a design firm, or do you only work with municipal building departments?

Answer:B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. will provide assistance to anyone who asks. We do consultation for design firms as well as municipal building departments.

If I would like to ask a single question, is there a fee for this service?

Answer:If you have a question that can be answered in a reasonable amount of time over the phone, there is no fee. We will answer questions from anyone who needs assistance. If you require a detailed response in writing, a fee is associated with this service.

What disciplines will you consult on? I have a process hazards question. Is there someone who can provide me with answers?

Answer:B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. consults on all disciplines, including process hazards.

Can you provide code consulting during design development?

Answer:We assist during any phase of a project, including the design process.

Will B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. review a preliminary set of drawings for code violations?

Answer:Yes, we review preliminary drawings. Please note: Preliminary drawings will generate preliminary answers.

If our emergency safety staff has concerns, will B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. consult on these issues?

Answer:Yes. Our technical staff has extensive emergency safety experience. We are qualified and willing to consult on these issues.

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