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Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

Testing Entire Systems or Specific Sites

Photo of Fire Hydrant Flow TestB & F Technical Code Services, Inc. performs hydrant flow tests for a number of communities. We can test an entire water system or a specific site.

It is important for communities to regularly test fire hydrants to determine their capabilities in an emergency situation. Water systems are constantly impacted by improvements, deterioration and changes in usage.

Flow test data also provides necessary information for water service planners, the fire protection bureaus and building designers. Design professionals use the gallons per minute and pressure available from the water system when drawing sprinkler system plans.

In addition to determining fire flows, testing can uncover a number of mechanical problems so they can be repaired before the hydrant is needed in an emergency.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

When completing a flow test, does B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. provide the test equipment?

Answer:Yes, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. provides the test equipment when we complete a hydrant flow test.

Are those who perform hydrant flow tests qualified?

Answer:Yes, the B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. staff who perform hydrant flow tests are qualified. They are certified fire inspectors through the Illinois Fire Marshal's Office, Division of Personal Standards, or the International Code Council.

When B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. completes a hydrant flow test, do you provide a written report?

Answer:Yes, the report consists of a letter providing the results of the test, a map indicating tested hydrants and a graph displaying the results of the test.

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