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ISO Review Preparation

Helping Your Community Achieve the Rating it Deserves

Photo Illustrating ISO Review Preparation ServicesThe Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) collects information on the building codes in effect in a particular community, as well as how the community enforces its building codes. The organization analyzes the data using its Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule and assigns a grade from 1 to 10. Grade 1 represents exemplary commitment to building-code enforcement; Grade 10 indicates no recognizable enforcement. Insurers, in turn, use these grades to set to help set the insurance premiums for that community.

The philosophy is that municipalities with effective, well-enforced codes demonstrate better loss experience when catastrophe strikes. Buildings located in such communities — constructed according to current codes — likewise experience less severe loss and would warrant lower insurance premiums. You can see why it is important that municipal building departments strive to meet or exceed the ISO guidelines.

B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. assists building departments in completing the ISO printed questionnaire. We also analyze departments and suggest changes to improve the ISO rating.


Most Frequently Asked Questions about Our ISO Review Preparation Services

Can B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. complete the ISO evaluation form for our municipal building department?

Answer:Yes, we prepare the ISO questionnaire for building departments. We have electronic versions of all necessary forms. Instead of handwriting the necessary information, we complete the forms on the computer and print the final product.

Will a representative from B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. attend the ISO evaluation interview with our municipal staff?

Answer:Yes, we attend the interview with your municipal staff. We will be there to explain comments and rationale used in the questionnaire.

Once the ISO evaluation form is complete and we have had the interview with the ISO representative, in what other ways will B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. assist our building department?

Answer:We review the completed ISO grading and make recommendations for improvement within your building department. We also provide your department with record keeping forms to document necessary information.

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