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Specialized Plan Review, Inspection Services

Providing Code-Compliance Assistance with Unique Building Projects

Photo of Plumbing Inspector at Construction Site to Illustrate Specialized Plan Reviews & InspectionsWith years of code experience and extensive construction backgrounds, our professional, certified staff provides answers daily to the most perplexing code questions. Our clients enjoy the convenience of free telephone consultation when a difficult code question arises.

As an added benefit, most of our technical staff have worked in municipal government so we understand the special needs of building departments when extra help is needed.

Specialized Plan Review:

Municipal building departments and design professionals should not hesitate to call on B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. when encountering a structure with special code requirements. We perform plan review and meet with building departments to help apply code concepts to unique projects such as high hazard buildings, hospitals, high rises, large industrial plants, covered malls and expansive additions.

Specialized Inspections:

B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. travels nationwide to meet, inspect and consult on buildings with extraordinary situations. Before our clients purchase existing commercial or industrial buildings, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. inspects the structure for areas of noncompliance and potential problems with the structure. We provide an analysis of the new use based on the existing conditions.

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