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Pre-employment Testing

Custom-Designed Testing Materials for Municipalities

Photo Illustrating Pre-employment Testing ServicesB & F Technical Code Services, Inc. understands the hiring of adequately trained and capable employees is crucial to a municipal inspection program. The pre-employment evaluation, interview and testing is an essential part of the hiring process. We provide pre-employment test materials to municipalities, designed specifically to meet your needs. Because the test is custom, it can include only specific disciplines or be a general evaluation including all disciplines.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-Employment Testing

Does the pre-employment test B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. provide for a specific discipline or is it a general test?

Answer:The test is written to meet the specific needs of your municipality. It can include a specific set of disciplines or it can be all-inclusive.

Does the test need to be returned? Can we make copies of the test and use it again?

Answer:The test needs to be returned to B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. once it has been used. You cannot make copies of the test and you cannot use the test again. For security and validity purposes, we need all copies of the tests returned.

What is included when we purchase a pre-employment test?

Answer:The number of tests requested will be provided in time for the test date. Along with the tests, one key sheet is included. The answer key corresponds the appropriate code sections with each test question. We also include an answer sheet for each test we send you.

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