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Q: Can a fire wall be constructed with combustible material?


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B & F Technical Code Services, Inc.

Plan Review, Inspection, Training and Code Consulting Services for Municipalities and Private Industry

Since 1990, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. has performed more than 100,000 building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire suppression (sprinkler) plan reviews for municipalities nationwide. Our inspectors have conducted more than 250,000 inspections for new and existing structures. We have also provided consulting services such as system testing, code writing and adoption assistance and help with projects that required special attention.

Additionally, through the Building & Fire Code Academy, we have provided training for thousands of industry professionals across the country on model building and fire codes.

Why do more municipalities choose B & F Technical Code Services:


The No. 1 reason municipalities choose B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. is our service. We understand that, although municipalities are similar in organization, each one is unique in its operation. That's why we place special emphasis on learning the details of your municipality, so we are able to customize our services to fit your needs. It's all the major conveniences and little extras we provide that keep our clients satisfied and coming back time and again.


Our team of certified and licensed professionals provides the knowledge, skill and expertise required to provide code enforcement services to municipal building departments and private companies. Our staff members have backgrounds in construction, plumbing, electrical wiring, fire departments and municipal building departments; they represent the very best our industry has to offer.


In addition to our unbeatable service, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. takes special care to deliver exceptional quality over and over again. At every stage of code enforcement, from plan review to personally meeting with municipal officials and design/construction professionals, the quality of our work is unsurpassed.

B & F Technical Code Services, Inc.
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Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
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