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HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL — B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. — a leading consultant in the administration, application, and enforcement of building and fire codes — today announced the appointment of two new directors. Richard A. Blondin, of Aurora, IL, was promoted to Director of Quality Control and Staff Development. Roger Fox, of Wheeling, IL, was promoted to Director of Technical Services.

These are new positions for B & F Technical Code Services, Inc., which has grown 20 percent annually since 2004.

As Director of Quality Control and Staff Development, Mr. Blondin will review the work done by the company’s plans examiners and reinspect developments already inspected by the company. The goal is to ensure the continued high-level of service and attention to detail that has made B & F Technical Code Services, Inc., one of the largest code enforcement consulting companies in Illinois. Mr. Blondin will also work with staff members on their career development, which will include mentoring new employees, helping staff members with their continuing education and ensuring that all inspectors have or receive the proper certification.

“I’ll be with you in the field, sometimes behind you in the field, sometimes looking over your shoulders while you work,” Mr. Blondin told employees at a meeting today. “But it is with the goal of helping you grow and develop, and to help us grow and develop as a company.”

With 31 years experience in the code enforcement arena, Mr. Blondin has been responsible for enforcing the adopted building, handicapped, mechanical, plumbing and electrical codes on local and state levels. He is a Certified Building Plans Examiner, Certified Building Inspector, Certified Fire Inspector I, Certified Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner and a Certified Property Maintenance Inspector. Formerly, Mr. Blondin served as Director of Plan Review Services for B & F Technical Code Services, Inc.

As Director of Technical Services, Mr. Fox will coordinate all mid-level company positions and supervise the day-to-day work of the company’s technical staff.

“This company has always been way at the top in the eyes of many people,” said Mr. Fox. “I want to encourage more of the type of teamwork that already exists here. It was one of the things that attracted me to this company… it’s one of our strengths.”

Mr. Fox, formerly operations manager for B & F Technical Code Services, Inc., brings 22 years of municipal code enforcement experience to his new position. A Certified Building Official, Mr. Fox is a member of the International Code Council, Northwest Building Officials and Code Administrators, Suburban Building Officials Conference, and the Illinois Council of Code Officials. His other International Code Council Certifications include: Residential Building Inspector, Residential Electrical Inspector, Residential Mechanical Inspector, Residential Plumbing Inspector, Commercial Building Inspector, Building Plan Examiner, Access Inspector & Plan Examiner, Zoning Inspector, Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector, Building Inspector, and Residential Combination Inspector. He served as president of three different BOCA chapters before serving as president of the Illinois Code Council Association and, later, serving four years on the BOCA International Board.

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