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HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL — B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. — a leading consultant in the administration, application, and enforcement of building and fire codes — today named Kenneth J. Garrett, of Palatine, IL, as its new Vice President. He will coordinate all the upper level management at B & F Technical Code Services, Inc., and assist in all the job duties of the company’s president.

Previously Mr. Garrett was the company administrator, utilizing more than 20 years of experience to oversee the daily activities of the company, providing leadership and guidance to the staff.

The office of Vice President is a new position for B & F Technical Code Services, Inc., which has grown 20 percent annually since 2004.

“Eight years ago, we had 15 people working here. Now, we have fifty-something,” said Mr. Garrett. “In three years it could be a hundred.”

According to company president and founder Richard A. Piccolo, Mr. Garrett’s appointment exemplifies the company’s commitment to customer service.

“First, we’re recognizing that we need strong leaders at the helm so that we can continue to provide the level of personalized service that our clients’ have come to expect, even as we double and triple in size,” said Mr. Piccolo.

“Second, by promoting from within, we’re guaranteeing continuity of service,” he continued. “There is a certain comfort in seeing the same faces year after year, especially when they’ve been doing a great job, like Mr. Garrett has.”

A Master Code Professional and a Certified Building Official, Mr. Garrett served as the Building and Zoning Administrator and the Assistant Director of Community Development for two municipalities before joining B & F Technical Code Services, Inc.

“We do well in Illinois,” said Mr. Garrett. “Chicagoland is a big area, but it’s nothing compared to the whole world. It’s a big world out there and that’s our goal. Not to be near the top or closer to the top… to be the top.”

Mr. Garrett will continue to use his executive background to make decisions leading to the achievement of company goals. In addition to his management duties, Mr. Garrett makes sure he takes time, every day, to work with clients one-on-one. Whether it’s a developer calling to discuss a situation that has arisen on a job site, or a municipality calling for help interpreting the intent of one of the model building codes, Mr. Garrett exemplifies the company’s motto “we’re here to help.”

“It’s really the people who have made this company what it is,” said Mr. Garrett.
About B & F Technical Code Services, Inc.

Celebrating 16 years of keeping communities safe by enforcing local building and fire codes for municipalities nationwide, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc., is a leader in the code enforcement industry. The company provides a variety of services to municipalities and private companies, including plan reviews, building inspections, code consulting, employment testing, training, and expert witness testimony. Anytime a building or an individual needs to meet the exacting standards of the model building codes, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc., is ready to provide assistance.

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