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Building Officials: Look to Fire Departments on Promoting Safety Weeks

If you were to ask someone about Building Safety Week, more than likely that person would not know what you were asking them about. How many individuals do you know, outside the building code industry, who are aware of the fact that there is a Building Safety Week? On the other hand, if you were to ask that person about Fire Safety Week and fire prevention they would more likely be familiar with and aware of the program.

The Fire Department and fire service officials are wonderful examples that have used Fire Prevention Week to educate and train the public about fire safety awareness throughout the year. Fire Prevention Week has been used as a catalyst or base for bringing fire safety into full view and public awareness.

By following the Fire Department's lead, Building Departments and officials can use Building Safety Week to promote building safety awareness in the same way Fire Prevention Week has been used. With strong support and clear campaigns developed to bring the program into public consciousness, a momentum will form and Building Safety Week will gain needed recognition.

Richard A. Piccolo is president of B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. With more than 30 years in the building code and fire industry, Mr. Piccolo is a Master Code Professional, a Certified Building Official, a Certified Fire Official, a Certified Property Maintenance Inspector, a Certified Building Inspector, a Certified Plans Examiner, an Illinois Certified Fire Inspector and a Certified Firefighter III. He has helped write building and fire codes for the state of Illinois as well as a number of municipalities.
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