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Plan Review Services for Municipalities, Private Companies

Initial Plan Reviews in 9 Business Days

Close-up Photo of a Plans Examiner Conducting a Plan Review

Each plan review report issued by B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. will identify (in numeric order) all areas of noncompliance and will include the section of the applicable code or codes for reference including local amendments. Each aspect of the building can be reviewed: mechanical, plumbing, electrical, fire suppression (sprinklers). Not only can plans be examined for compliance with building code, they can be reviewed for the mechanical code, plumbing code and fire code.

Completion Time:

First plan reviews are completed and returned to you within 9 business days of receipt by our office. Additional reviews for all projects are completed within 5 business days of receipt by our office. Our optional Priority Review Service* guarantees you will receive a completed plan review within 3 business days.

Customer Service:

Unlimited telephone consultations are free of charge and encouraged for all parties involved in the project. B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. also offers free telephone consultation on general code questions for other building projects.

Fax and Electronic Transmission:

B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. provides fax service for immediate transmission of plan review reports. If requested, we will e-mail the plan review report to you. Original documents will be shipped to your office. Letters, documents, schedules, calculations and other information may be transmitted to B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. at (847) 490-1476 or email us at any time.

Plan Review Fees:

B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. charges a single flat fee for each plan review project. All additional reviews and shipping (for municipal building departments) are included in the initial fee. This helps reduce the costs associated with plan reviews and helps with accurate budgeting as it is known from beginning to end what the total plan review cost will be.

Building plan review fees are based on the total cubic feet of the building. Plumbing, mechanical and electrical plan review fees are determined using the building review fee and a multiplier. Fire suppression plan review fees are based on the number of sprinkler heads and the type of system used. Call us at 1-800-232-5523 for more detailed pricing information.

* Additional fee required.

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