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About B & F Code Services, Inc. Plan Review Services

Image of Rolled-up Construction Documents (Plans)Our department does not budget for outside plan review services. How can we use your services without passing the cost to tax payers?

Answer:Our plan review services need not cost the municipality anything. Most model codes allow professional fees to be passed on to the permit holder, architect or developer. We can bill the municipality or the appropriate party directly. And, with free Federal Express shipping for municipal building departments, your savings are even greater.

What do plan review reports contain?

Answer:Plan review reports contain proper Use Groups, Type of Construction, Mixed Use Options, Rated Assembly Requirements and a numerical listing of specific areas of noncompliance followed by the section of the referenced code, or a letter indicating the plans comply with the applicable code(s).

How long will the plan review take?

Answer:First plan reviews are completed within 9 business days of receipt. Subsequent reviews are completed within 5 business days and are performed at no additional cost.

Are there any other plan review costs, extra charges or fees not listed?

Answer:Unless significant changes are made to the plans after the review process has begun, no other fees are charged.

What if I have plans for B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. to review and need answers in less than nine days?

Answer:We will make every effort to expedite your plan review in situations where there is an expressed urgency. Otherwise, Priority Review Service, which guarantees you will receive your completed plan review in three business days, is available. An additional fee is required for this service.

How will we receive the plan review report?

Answer:Upon completion, our report will be faxed to the municipality (also the design professional and other interested parties when requested by the municipality). Then, the plan review report will be shipped via First Class Mail. If you do not have a fax machine, we can ship your report next day delivery at no additional charge. We can also send plan review reports via email, when requested.

Photo of Our FedEx Area; Standard Overnight Shipping is Free on All Plan Reviews How will our plans reach your office?
Answer:For municipal building departments, we offer free Federal Express overnight shipping. Or, you may send your plans via U.S. mail, messenger or other delivery service. If you happen to be in the area, you may stop by and personally deliver them.

When will our plans and specifications be returned?

Answer:All information will be returned when the project is completed. Or, if the municipality prefers and requests it, we can discard the information.

Should designers, developers, architects or owners have questions about the plan reviews, can they contact B & F Technical Code Services, Inc.?

Answer:With the municipality's permission, we can provide free telephone consultation to all the parties involved with the project.

Can the municipality choose to field-verify certain items?

Answer:Yes, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. follows the instructions of the municipality.

In addition to the adopted code, our municipality has its own amendments. Will they be included in the plan review?

Answer:All state and local amendments provided are used in plan reviews completed by B & F Technical Code Services, Inc.

What if we have a code question concerning a project not being reviewed?

Answer:As a courtesy to our clients, we will answer any code-related questions at no additional charges.

What if we have a building with a particular problem, but it does not require a full plan review? Could we fax B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. a sketch for an answer?

Answer:B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. will evaluate minimal drawings for our clients and phone you with a response at no charge. If a written report is requested, a fee will be charged.

What should be included in the plans and specifications submitted for review?

Answer:Submit one (1) complete set of construction documents signed and sealed by the design professional that includes plans, specifications and calculations. Also use the Plan Review Submittal form indicating the type(s) of review(s) requested, the code and edition used by your municipality and any local amendments.

Can a construction project be "fast-tracked" or "phased," where portions of the projects are reviewed as they become available?

Answer:B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. will do a partial review when sufficient information is submitted.

How confidential are the construction documents or reports handled by B & F Technical Code Services, Inc.?

Answer:The strictest confidentiality is applied to all projects handled. B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. will not release any information to anyone except our client, unless otherwise instructed.

Will B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. perform sprinkler or fire alarm plan reviews if it has not performed the other reviews?

Answer:Yes, we will perform the services the municipality requests. We recommend that we perform a complete project review. An full set of building plans is required for the sprinkler plan review.

I would like a copy of the plan review report emailed to the design professional handling my project. Will B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. send reports this way?

Answer:Yes, B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. will send reports via e-mail. You or the design professional may also send e-mail to us. Our address is .

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