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The B & F Technical Code Services, Inc. Online Store provides plan review, inspection and design tools. Each of these resources enables you to be more efficient. Start saving time order yours today!

Height and Area Limitation Guide

Cost: $3/each

The Height and Area Limitation Guide is used to verify the construction type and allowable area of a building. It is used to ensure you are on the right track when figuring your calculations.

Gas Pipe Sizing Calculator

Cost: $3/each

The Gas Pipe Sizing Calculator is used to figure gas piping size without searching through the codebook. The slide chart fits right into your shirt pocket.

Spray Booth Checklists

Cost: $19.95/Set

This checklist is designed specifically for spray booths using flammable liquids; i.e., liquids with a flash point below 100 degrees. This form is used as a plan review tool. It includes references to the building code, fire prevention code, mechanical code, NFPA standard for fire extinguishers, NFPA standard for sprinklers and the NFPA standard for the National Electric Code. All code sections are included on the checklist. Each set contains 100 checklists.

Checklist based on 1996 BOCA Codes
Checklist based on 1999 BOCA Codes

Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review Checklist: 1991, 1994, 1996 Codes

Cost: $19.95/Set

This checklist is a valuable sprinkler review tool. Section numbers are listed on the checklist, enabling the plan reviewer to look up the section in the standard. Each set contains 100 checklists.

Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review Checklist NFPA 13-1991
Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review Checklist NFPA 13-1994
Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review Checklist NFPA 13-1996

Automatic Sprinkler Plan Review Checklist: 1999 Code

Cost: $24.95/Set

Same as above, but based on the NFPA 13-1999 code.

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Cost: $19.95/Set

This packet is designed to distribute homeowners requesting an aboveground swimming pool permit. It explains to the homeowner what is required when building an aboveground, outside, permanent private pool. The packet explains barriers, gate and electrical requirements. The plan reviewer can also use the swimming pool permit application as a checklist to ensure all the necessary items are submitted. The form is based on the 1995 CABO Code and the 1998 International One- and Two-Family Dwelling Code. We recommend you include your local zoning amendments on the back page. Each set contains 100 applications.

Panel Chart

Cost: $19.95/Set

This form should be submitted with all new houses, home additions and small industrial buildings. It is used by plan reviewers to be sure the correct number of circuits are in the kitchen and to be certain the conductor site is correct. Each set contains 100 charts.

Kitchen Hood and Duct Systems 1999 Codes

Cost: $19.95/Set

This useful packet of information is based on the International Mechanical Code and the BOCA National Building Code. Included is a checklist to use to review a set of submitted documents for the kitchen hood system and the kitchen hood-extinguising system. A field inspector also utilizes the checklist to be sure the kitchen hood and duct systems are designed correctly. Drawings for the plan reviewer al also included in the packet. The drawings can be used to complete the review or to explain the kitchen hood and duct system requirements to the designers. Each Set contains 100 packets.

Residential Plumbing Checklist

Cost: $11.95/each

This checklist is based on the 1998 Illinois Plumbing Code. This useful inspection tool is laminated and ready for use in the field.